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How to Reach the Firefox Team

For any questions or comments about Firefox’s implementation of WebRTC, please go to dev-media. For a discussion of WebRTC, please join us on the discussion list.

For specific issues with the FIrefox WebRTC code, please use our bug tracker.

Press inquiries should be sent to

How Do I Contribute Code?

Community contributors are very welcome at Mozilla. Please go here to learn basic information about contributing to the Firefox project and here for detailed instructions on how to contribute code. Then go to #media or #developers and ask questions about the WebRTC Firefox code or any of our open bugs. Since Firefox is a Global project, someone is usually online to answer questions and chat about the project.

Firefox Implementation Details

getUserMedia, PeerConnection and DataChannels are implemented in the desktop version of Firefox for Windows, Linux and Mac. getUserMedia does not require any flags to use in Firefox 20 or later. PeerConnection and DataChannels do not require a flag for Firefox Nightly versions after February 19, 2013.

Here are some frequently asked questions about the current implementation:


Supported in Firefox today, you can use DataChannels to send peer-to-peer information during an audio/video call.


We don’t have TURN support yet, but we plan to support it soon.


We support the Opus audio codec as our preferred audio codec. We also support G.711 for compatibility with devices that have not yet implemented Opus.

Recording API

We have not implemented the Recording API yet, but we plan to support it in future versions of Firefox.