Continuous Testing

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The WebRTC-in-Chrome implementation is built on the code you find in In order to ensure the quality of those libraries, we have a ton of unit tests and integration tests for those libraries. These tests can be built and run by developers, and they also run in the Chrome continuous integration system at You can see those here:

Furthermore, there’s a lot of code in Chromium which uses the webrtc library to implement the WebRTC web standard. There’s a bunch of tests for that too, which run here:

When you submit a patch to webrtc, it will first run in the WebRTC waterfall to ensure you change is sound on the library level. When we roll the WebRTC version in Chrome (which normally happens daily) you change will be tested against all the WebRTC-in-Chrome tests to ensure the change is OK. If your change breaks something on some level, it will be reverted and you’ll get a chance to fix and re-submit.

Want to Add a Test?

It is a very good idea to add tests if you use code and want your particular way of using it to be protected from unintentional breakage. If you don’t have a test, other developers will break your application without even knowing it! Feel free to write an issue if you want to come into contact with the main WebRTC devs and discuss collaborating about tests.

WebRTC Tests

Like we said earlier, these tests run here. The waterfall is a bit tricky to understand, but essentially each build bot will compile as soon as a patch is submitted to and run all the tests we have on it. For instance, video_engine_tests will run tests on the WebRTC video engine.

WebRTC-in-Chrome Tests

There are essentially two kinds of tests: browser_tests and content_browsertests. The former are big end-to-end tests which set up a very realistic WebRTC call (and that exercise the getUserMedia info bar), whereas the latter test more detailed spec behavior in javascript.

If you have made a change and want to run all the relevant WebRTC browser tests, you need to build the browser_tests and content_browsertests targets in your Chromium checkout. First, ensure you have a working webcam plugged in. Then run

out/Debug/content_browsertests --gtest_filter="WebRtc*" --run-manual


out/Debug/browser_tests --gtest_filter="WebRtcBrowserTest*" --run-manual

If all those pass, you’re probably good.

Continuous Conformance Tests

See the Conformance testing page.